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Home with Tom Landry is your one-stop destination for all things real estate, renovations, and construction in Maine. Explore his diverse collection of media content, including Tom Tips, Blog, and Podcast. Find insightful tips and advice from one of Maine’s top real estate and home renovation and construction experts.

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Tom Tips

Short, informative videos where Tom shares his knowledge and expertise on a variety of real estate and home construction topics. From buying and selling tips to understanding financing options and navigating the building process, Tom Tips offers valuable insights for homeowners, buyers, sellers, investors, and agents.


For those who prefer to read, our blog features in-depth articles and insights from Tom and his team of professionals. Topics range from market updates and investment strategies to sustainable building practices and home design trends.


Immerse yourself in engaging conversations on home ownership, real estate, construction, and industry trends with Tom and special guests. Our podcast episodes provide valuable perspectives and insider knowledge for homeowners, developers, and real estate agents alike.